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Chicks In Crisis

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Two's company, Three's a party!

These three exquisite, hand-painted plates have been created & donated to Mother Hen by Kim Ross who is a Lighting Technical Director at Pixar.  Perfect for a cozy birthday party.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Kim Herbst - original ink drawings

Kim Herbst graduated with a BFA in illustration from Maryland Institute College of Art. She is a freelance illustrator residing in San Francisco, CA. Her personal illustrations have been featured in  magazines, album covers, gallery shows and children's educational books. Kim is a frequent and dedicated supporter of The Mother Hen Project and I'm delighted to be able to showcase 3 pieces which she has kindly donated this year. Check out her IG feed - she has some cool timelapse videos of her creating these pieces of art here, here & here

Film poster for FIN

This  poster was designed by Pixar's Eliza Ivanova for Savanah Leaf's film 'Fin' about a young girl battling with alienation and expectations of girlhood.  

Cars 3 limited edition & signed print

A limited edition Cars 3 print, signed by Pixar artist, Garrett Taylor. This framed print is 1151 out of 1500 prints produced for the Pixar crew, has been kindly donated by sets supervisor Amy Allen.

Elderleaf art & cards

I have always delighted in the flourish of my Mum's calligraphy and art work ever since I was a child and even in her 80s, she continues to show incredible pen & brush control, writing/drawing & making every day. Grandma 'Elderleaf' has created a series of original, one-of-a-kind, hand-made cards for The Mother Hen Project - They can be mailed or framed or both!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Toy Story 3 limited edition & signed print

Featured as part of our arts sale for Chicks In Crisis, this exquisite limited edition print, signed by Adrian Molina who is currently winning awards for co-directing/writing Pixar's Coco. This framed print is 1435 out of 1500 prints produced for the Pixar crew, has been kindly donated by sets supervisor Amy Allen. 

Sonoma Barn, by Charu Clark

Charu grew up in India and now lives in northern California and works at Pixar Animation Studios as a lighting artist.
"Though my day job entails the use of a computer more than a paintbrush, of all technical fields related to computer graphics, Lighting feels the most akin to painting in the real world. That said, the thrill of a paintbrush in my hands is something I cannot live without."
Charu has donated a beautiful original oil painting titled 'Sonoma Barn' which will be available to purchase on March 10th at Laguna Town Hall in Elk Grove.  100% to benefit Chicks In Crisis.

You can read more about Charu and this particular piece here