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Chicks In Crisis

Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome to The Mother Hen Project

I spent the whole day yesterday (US Mother Day) thinking about what I wanted to say to launch The Mother Hen Project and this morning I stumbled upon a quote by the artist Louise Nevelson which just seemed to sum it up perfectly,
Life isn't one straight line. Most of us have to be transplanted, like a tree, before we blossom.
It's a quote which describes beautifully the work of Inez Whitlow who is the catalyst for this project and the 'master gardener' at Chicks In Crisis. She is one of those unsung heroines who has devoted herself to being the change we would all like to see in this world. Inez is a champion, a supporter, a defender, a campaigner, a mother, sister, friend, and teacher to everyone she meets . But most importantly, Inez is a woman who is helping other women to navigate the curves and bends in their lives and find fertile soil so that they may blossom. Sometimes that may mean facilitating the placement of a baby in an open adoption or it may mean helping over 250 teens/women per month who are choosing to be parents and need guidance.

It wasn't until after I had written this post that I realized that Chicks In Crisis logo is a blossoming woman: