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Chicks In Crisis

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A word about our fabulous logo, designed by Ben O'Brien.

About a month or so ago when I was thinking about launching this project, I came across a beautiful image of a rooster and a hen by an illustrator called Ben O'Brien. I was completely drawn to the image - the emerald & blue hues, the heroic composition, the birds nestled together yet looking up and out at the world. It was such a striking and perfect image that I decided to contact Ben & see if we could use his artwork as the logo for Mother Hen. He wrote back instantly and not only said that, "it would be an absolute pleasure to be involved - count me in!" but also offered to redesign the image to include a hen and chick - and offered to donate a 'set of three' prints. Ben is a is an incredibly talented commercial illustrator/designer who is based in Cornwall, UK. His artwork is stunning - his sense of colour and composition is delicious and he is obviously reaping the rewards of his hard work and talents - judging by the list of eminent clients on his website. I am thrilled that he is able and willing to share his work with us. If you want to check out more of Ben's work - you can find it here and here. Ben also mentioned that he has been recently collaborating on an animated music video for a Canadian artist who goes by the name 'The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra' and features a narration by Isabella Rossellini. You can check out the video here.