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Chicks In Crisis

Monday, October 25, 2010


I first discovered Cuban artist Elsa Mora when I stumbled upon her exquisite paper cuts, and they led me like a paper trail to a world which Elsa has created, not only of paper cuts, but also a world of paintings, collages, stories, sculptures, photographs, dolls and much much more. In an interview with Elsa, one of the paragraphs which resonates for me with regards to The Mother Hen Project - and specifically the notion of artists fund-raising, is Elsa's reply to the question, 'Why should people buy handmade?' She replies:
"Handmade objects have a different meaning compared to industrial objects because they carry a human energy. The thing that most impacts people is other people. That’s why we experience something nice when we get anything handmade. When you buy handmade you are not only buying an object but you’re also buying a concept, an idea that has to do with the appreciation of what’s human. By buying handmade you are saying in a subtle way that you care about other people and that you are open for them to bring something into your life, it is an exchange, it is human connection."

Thank you Elsa for donating these beautiful prints to Mother Hen.