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Chicks In Crisis

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In a hole in a tree

Kim Herbst is a freelance illustrator working out of San Francisco. I can't remember where or how I first came across Kim's art work, but I really love her style which is a kind of cross between Mucha & Manga. There's a lot of movement and grace in her composition and style. I also love reading her blog which details a lot of the background stories to her artwork. When I emailed Kim to ask her if she would be willing to donate a piece of artwork to Mother Hen, she didn't hesitate to respond, and came up with this stunning piece which 'focuses on the notion that both children and adults do things together that can take us by unexpected surprise'. Kims painting reminds me of a counting rhyme:
Over in the meadow,
In a hole in a tree,
Lived a young mother owl
And her little owls three.
"Tu-whoo," said the mother,
"Tu-whoo," said the three,
They tu-whoo-ed all day,
In the hole in a tree.