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Chicks In Crisis

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recce (pronounced /ˈrɛki/)

We have secured a location and date for 'Mother Hen' - so mark your calendars and google maps. The location is 135 Tunstead Avenue in San Anselmo, Marin, at Galleria. I love this space - beautiful tiled frontage which always makes me think of Livebait (the restaurant) in The Cut, SE1. Would be so nice to open a 'Livebait' in San Anselmo (sigh) - but next better thing is a Mother Hen Project art auction. The space has wonderful light too - so I am excited to see what all the art is going to look like when we hang it. Little C and I took a stroll down Tunstead Ave to meet Sue Marsh aka STYLE creme anglaise and check out Galleria. Here are some photos from the day: