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Chicks In Crisis

Friday, October 15, 2010


Vandana Reddy Sahrawat, a lighting TD at Pixar for over 10 years has donated this unassuming, yet glorious piece for The Mother Hen Project. I often ask the artists if they would like to tell me a little about their artwork. In Vandana's own words;

This is a painting of Kathputli puppets found in North India. It was inspired by my memories of India and by how intensely colourful everything is in these memories! The coloured tissue paper here in the USA, with all it's variety and richness, reminds me of the fabrics and festivals in India.I was thinking of the markets where these puppets are hung and I've always been fascinated by the detail in the garments and paint. They all look similar at first, but each has a uniqueness to it. Each is of a certain nature and is probably created to express a certain set of feelings.