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Chicks In Crisis

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Hen House

A few weeks ago, Inez Whitlow called to invite Lickleleaf and I over to Sacramento to take a look at The Hen House. "It is a run-down (practically abandoned) urban ranch in Elk Grove with tonnes of potential"  she said and then rattled off a million ideas about how she wanted to transform  the ranch into a place where her Chicks could come to be transformed themselves with opportunities to learn about parenting, urban farming, gardening, foraging and wild-crafting, natural medicine, yoga, cooking and kitchen skills,  DIY and auto-mechanics, hand crafts, and every self sustainable skill you can imagine. "Hmmm" I said, "that sounds . . . . . . .  adventurous"  and promptly jumped in the car to go and take a look.
When we arrived Inez' Hen House appeared exactly how she had described it - a wasteland with a farmhouse and barn,  bang in the middle of a commercial district in Elk Grove with a bus stop at the end of the road. At the moment Inez has employed a few young guys to farm-sit, mainly to keep the intruders away, but she has also got them working the land and piece by piece, they are transforming this forsaken corner into a place which is going to change lives for many of the at-risk youth in Elk Grove and beyond.

As part of The Mother Hen Project, whether you are donating your time, your creativity or your resources  - you will be a big part of the  change which Inez is spearheading in Elk Grove.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant" ~ Robert Louis Stevenson