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Chicks In Crisis

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ben and the Hen

4 years ago I stumbled across a beautiful illustration of a hen on the internet whilst looking for art for The Mother Hen Project. The image was created by Ben O'Brien, aka Ben The Illustrator, one half of Huddle Formation Creative Studio in Cornwall. I sent Ben an email asking if he would allow us to use the image as a logo for our auction. Ben responded by offering to create a new design specifically for The Mother Hen Project, and he also donated 2 additional Hen prints as well as donated time preparing all the artwork for posters and flyers. This year, once again Ben generously offered to redesign the image for our second auction (adding another chick to the clutch) and is producing a run of posters which will be available to purchase at the auction in November. I truly thank you for your time, energy and positivity Ben. It has been a delight to work with you.