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Chicks In Crisis

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Matt Jones ~ 'Mother Hen'

Matt Jones is currently  a 'Story Artist’ at Pixar and has worked 20 years in the animation industry for Dave Edward's Studio, Studio AKA, Uli Meyer Animations, Aardman Animations, Bibo Films and more. He self published his first book on 'Gesture Drawing' after collecting 2 years of class sketches. In 2013 Jones collaborated with Professor Dacher Keltner of the Berkeley Psychology department in an experiment with Facebook’s Emoticons which was featured in Time magazine. Recently, Jones curated an exhibition and assembled the catalogue of 'Ronald Searle In America' at the Cartoon Art Museum. Jones knew the legendary cartoonist Ronald Searle personally and has managed a website of his work since 2006. Jones's artwork has been published in Gabi Campanario's 'Urban Sketchers' and 'Becoming A Successful Illustrator' by Derek Brazell. Matts original piece will be featured in The Mother Hen Project auction on November 8, 2014.