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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Paul Abadilla ~ 'The Blue Umbrella'

Paul Abadilla works as a Sketch Artist at Pixar Animation Studios. He started his career in animation as an intern at Disney in the summer of 2007. After graduating from San Jose State University’s Animation/Illustration program in 2008, he was accepted for an Art Internship position at Pixar, where he worked on the Academy Award-winning, Brave, doing various set design work. He has also contributed in films such as Monsters University, The Blue Umbrella, Toy Story of Terror, and a number of upcoming Pixar projects, with work ranging from visual development and environment designs, to color scripts and lighting studies. Up for auction on Nov 8th is this beautiful print of Abadilla's concept work for The Blue Umbrella signed by Paul Abadilla,  producer Marc Greenberg, production designer Jay Shuster, and the film's  awesome director Saschka Unseld. ALSO included in this auction  lot is a limited edition vinyl record of Jon Brion's  soundtrack, the "Blue Umbrella Suite" featuring Sarah Jaffe's haunting vocals AND an actual  Blue Umbrella.