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Monday, November 10, 2014


Thank you to EVERYONE who donated & volunteered & supported The 2014 Mother Hen Project silent & live auction on Saturday! The artwork looked stunning! The venue was uber-cool! The food & wine was delicious! The MC was highly entertaining and everything ran very smoothly.

We are still waiting to hear the final numbers for how much we made on Saturday - but a good estimate is around $12,000 and we still have more artwork to auction! So if you were not able to make it to the auction or live so far away that it would not have been feasible for you to come - here is the opportunity for you to get your hands on some of the beautiful artwork you have been liking and sharing on social media and support the work of Chicks In Crisis. In the next few weeks we are going to be auctioning some of the artwork on facebook! So keep your eyes & your fingers poised.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Daniela Strijleva

Daniela Strijleva is a Bulgarian-born, Canadian-raised artist, who has worked on a variety of feature and short film productions, including Pixar's Toy Story 3, Monsters University, Day and Night, La Luna, The Blue Umbrella and an upcoming dinosaur movie. She spends most of her days drawing, painting, watching and making films, and enjoying family time in her Oakland home. Thank you so much for your donation Daniela. Gorgeous!

Daniel López Muñoz ~

Daniel López Muñoz has donated!!!

Bob Peterson ~ I'm watching you Wazowski!!!

Bob Peterson has donated!!!

Rosana Sullivan ~

Rosana Sullivan graduated from the Academy of Art University in 2010 and started working as a Story Artists at Pixar Animation Studios in 2011. How is that for a career path! She has graciously donated these beautiful originals to The Mother Hen Project.

Pamela Leaf ~ 'In Safekeeping'

My Mum, Pamela Leaf has been drawing pictures for me since I was a little girl and has always had the best handwriting I have ever seen. I can vividly remember watching her hand (which was at eye level) pirouette across the paper when she addressed envelopes or wrote cards or even cheques at the bank. And she drew and cut out the most amazing dresses for my paper dolls. Now she  makes beautiful,  one-of-a-kind cards and has donated a huge batch to The Mother Hen Project along with a lovely ink and watercolor illustration. Thanks Mum x

Jon Townley ~ 'untitled ceramics'

Jon Townley has worked in the visual effects and animation industry for nearly thirty years, winning two Emmys and various accolades, including an ANNIE nomination for Best Production Design for his work as Lead Set Designer on “Ice Age 4 / Continental Drift.” In his current role as Senior Designer at Blue Sky Studios, he has created set designs for the films “Horton Hears a Who,” “Ice Age 3/ Dawn of the Dinosaurs,” “Epic” and “Rio 2.” Seven years ago, Jon re kindled his early interest in ceramics and began working in his home studio to create one of a kind decorative pieces and sculptures in clay that reflect his combined love of the Japanese ceramics tradition and modernist sculpture. He says, “ My professional design work at Blue Sky is a source of constant inspiration for the work I do on my own. Rather than detracting, the two pursuits seem to energize each other.”
Thank you so much Jon for your beautiful donation to The Mother Hen Project.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Camille André ~ 'untitled'

Camille André is a graduate of Gobelins l'Ecole de l'Image, Paris, France . She completed a 2 month internship at Sony Pitcures Animation in '13 and started work at Blue Sky Studios in June '14 as a concept Art trainee. Camille has generously donated the smallest piece of original artwork in The Mother Hen Project. A 3"x4" miniature watercolor painting. Thank you Camille.

Deepa Agarwal ~ letterpress prints

Another two unique donations from Deepa Agarwal. Two original, limited edition, letterpress prints. The first is a fold-out letterpress 'Map of Manhattan' which Deepa made at Browne & Co. Stationers, South Street Seaport, NY, NY in '93 and the other is a Euro Pass poster which was made while Deepa was a student at The Royal College of Art in London, after a euro trip using a 30 days rail pass. Also dated '93.  Gorgeous graphic artwork. And Deepa will be at the auction on Saturday if you are interested in talking with her about these prints. Both prints will be auctioned framed.

Airton Dittz ~ 'Still Life Studies'

Airton Ditzz is another member of Pixar's Friday morning 'Paint Donuts'  group who come together to practice still life painting. Dittz, who graduated from Academy of Art University,  has been a Lighting Technical Director at Pixar since 2001, working on films such as Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, up, Brave and the Monsters Inc. and Monsters U. Airton has kindly donated two of his still life oil paintings to Mother Hen.

Deborah Harris ~ 'Butterflies'

Deborah Harris is a professional exhibiting artist, with over 30 years experience teaching art to adults and young people. Harris  attended New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture and  received her BA and MA from American University. She has exhibited around the world and has work in publications and collections including the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, LA, Newark Public Library, UC Berkeley, and The Matzo Files in New York. In addition to her classes at Sawtooth, she teaches at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville. Deborah has generously donated a beautiful linocut print of 'Butterflies' to the Mother Hen Project. Thanks Deborah.

Jamy Wheless ~ 'Yoda'

Influenced by comic books and art, Jamy Wheless started drawing memorable characters in grammar school and never looked back. After graduating with a degree in Visual Arts from Auburn University in 1987, he worked as a freelance illustrator in Atlanta, Georgia, where his illustration ability led to assignments in storyboarding and traditional animation. Inspired by the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, Jamy turned his talents towards computer animation. He honed his digital skills working as an animator at one of the largest digital production facilities on the East Coast. In 1995, he caught the eye of George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic when his short film, Avery, premiered at SIGGRAPH. In 1996, he was hired by ILM to work on commercials as a technical director and character animator. In 2000, Jamy became a member of ILM’s feature production team, where he ultimately became responsible for the character development and performances of Yoda for the Star Wars prequels and Davy Jones for the Pirates of the Caribbean films. In 2007, Jamy realized his dream by becoming one of the co-founders of Lightstream Animation Studios. As President and Animation Director, he leads the team as they continue to bring great characters to life for commercials, television, and feature films. He is currently the Animation Supervisor for Paramount's feature film The Moon & the Sun.
Jamy has kindly donated a fine art print (George Lucas owns the original) of his graphic work,  'Yoda'. Thank you Jamy.

Avery Wheless ~ 'Lounge'

Avery Wheless was born in November of 1993 in Charlotte, North Carolina and raised in Petaluma, California. Growing up, crayons, paints, and color pencils were omnipresent as both of her parents were artists. Her mother taught ballet and her father worked as an animator, so creative juices were perpetually flowing. Whether performance, written, or visual, art was a constant in her early life. The summer of her freshman year in high school, Avery began painting with a local artist, Mary Fassbinder. In Mary’s frame shop, surrounded by easels and pastels, her love for fine arts blossomed. In her sophomore year of high school, she transferred to Santa Rosa High School to participate in their ArtQuest program. Here, she was surrounded by likeminded artists and was able to focus on her development and expand her practice in a supportive and challenging setting. In 2011, Avery continued on to Rhode Island School of Design where she currently is studying for a BFA in painting. She has found that expanding her use of medium into printmaking, writing, and performance, most fulfilling for her artistic expression. Avery has very generously donated one of her large scale oil 48" x 54" paintings to The Mother Hen Project.Thank you so much Avery.

Alishea Gibson ~ 'Little Red Hen'

Alishea Gibson  is a California native, cartoon enthusiast and an avid coffee drinker. She did not attend traditional art school; RISD wasn’t for her. Instead she composed her own eclectic education, which led her to the University of California, Berkeley. At Cal, she had been fortunate to intern at PDI DreamWorks in Redwood City, Ca and take additional classes at the Animation Collaborative. Recently graduated, Alishea is now working as an artist at PLAYstudios by day and designing her own interactive children’s books by night. The first, titled Lil Red and the Lazy Coyote, is now available in the App Store. The second book, The Whimsical Adventures of Millie and Loo, will be released in Spring 2015. Alishea has very generously donated this original 8" x 10" artwork to The Mother Hen Project.Thank you!

Cayen Robertson ~ Night Prayers

Cayen Robertson  is an exhibiting artist and a participant in the Marin Open Studios. her work includes painting, sculpture, printmaking and works on paper. Robertson has been awarded fellowships for residencies at the Vermont Studio Center in 2011, 2012 and 2013. She facilitates workshops at the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, Ca. and at the Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, Ca.  Cayen has generously donated  her 13" x 19" oil base ink/collage on paper called "Night Prayers".

Kim Thompson Steel ~ 'Apple Trio' & "Road Trip"

Kim is a Canadian expat and formerly a character animator at Industrial Light and Magic for 13 years working on feature films such as Men In Black, Star Wars Episode I & II, Flubber, Harry Potter and Hulk. Kim now works for herself shooting and editing short promos for creative ventures, non-profits and small businesses. She is a founding member of Mortal Muses and was the 2012 and 2014 Co-Director of Listen To Your Mother San Francisco. Kim is also an artist, mother, photographer, video editor, wife and sometime
blogger. She shares her work at moseyimages and is a huge contributer to The Mother Hen Project. Many thanks Kim.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Deepa Agarwal ~ 'untitled'

Born and raised in India, Deepa Agarwal graduated with an MA in Graphic Design from the Royal College of Art in London. Agarwal started her career freelancing as a graphic designer in the print medium: screen printing, letterpress and offset printing. Since moving to California, Agarwal has worked as a rotoscope artist at The Orphange, San Francisco and has over 6 years experience as  a texture painter on feature films at Dreamworks, working on Shrek the Third, Bee Movie, Monsters Vs. Aliens, Megamind and Kung Fu Panda 2. Above all, Deepa '"loves the power of Yoga for everyone" (which is the only sentence she wanted me to put in her bio) and has donated this beautiful watercolor painting to The Mother Hen Project. Thank you Deepa.

Ami Najee ~ 'Love & Compassion'

Ami Najee is an artist who has been designing jewelry in the bay area for over 25 years.
"All energy comes from the one light and everything that exists has a vibratory rate. Minerals have the lowest vibrations of all living things. The mineral kingdom is the body of the earth. When wearing stones, you are charged with cosmic forces which radiate out into your surroundings and have very powerful effects on your whole being. They are used for healing, transforming, balancing, and attuning body, mind and spirit."

Ami has created this unique 'worldly' piece of jewelry for The Mother Hen Project, including elements from Africa, South America, China and the Middle East.  So grateful. Thank you, Ami.

Damian Steel ~ 'California bay laurel, covered with Ivy'

'Damian Steel. Habitually preoccupied with imagery. Currently at Industrial Light & Magic.'

Thank you Damian!

Lindsey Olivares ~ Mother Hen

Lindsey Olivares is a freelance illustrator and visual development artist. She was a presidential scholar and graduated from Ringling School of Art & Design in 2009 having received 6 'Best of' awards in Ringling's juried shows for; traditional animation; visual development; illustration and the Jurors pick for her thesis film 'Anchored' which was also awarded Best of Show at Siggraph Asia in 2009. Olivares has worked as a visual development art intern at Disney Feature Animation and spent 3 years at PDI/Dreamworks developing the look of the third installment of the Madagascar series for which she was nominated for an Annie award. Lindsey has also self-published a collection of her sketchbook life-drawings. She also has a gorgeous full color book coming out soon,  about a flock of 5 chickens told as a Spanish language soap opera. She has graciously donated this beautiful piece of work to The Mother Hen Project which will be auctioned on Saturday! Thank you Lindsey.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Katherine Warinner ~ Kitab

Katherine Warinner is a San Anselmo native. She received a BFA in painting from Illinois Wesleyan University and an MFA in graphic design from Kent State University. She has exhibited extensively in California and her work is currently being shown at ROOM Gallery in Mill Valley. Katherine has donated a framed, editioned giclee print of an acrylic on panel. Many thanks Katherine.

Vandana Sahrawat ~ Still Life

Vandana Sahrawat was born in India and lived in the US for a few years at the age of 3, but it wasn't until after graduating as a Civil Engineer from Osmania University, in Hyderabad, that she returned to the US to study for her Masters Degree in Computer Science at Texas A&M. Sahrawat has been at Pixar for 14 years working as a master and shot lighting artist. She is a member of Pixar's 'Paint Donuts' group who get together every Friday morning to workshop 'still life' subjects and share donuts. Vandana has graciously donated an original 11"x14" acrylic painting to the Mother Hen Project. This is her second time donating artwork for our auction. Thank you Vandana.

Monday, November 3, 2014

LickleLeaf ~ Mother Hen

The youngest artist to  donate to The Mother Hen Project. This is Lickleleaf's contribution.

Tim Rompel ~ untitled

Tim Rompel was born in Chicago, grew up in the suburb of St Charles and now lives in Larkspur, California. He has also lived in Maui, Hawaii, Pensacola, Florida, Houston, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana, and the southern Louisiana town of Bayou Vista. While living in the gulf states Tim worked as a commercial oil field diver. Rompel studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. To feed the soul, Tim practices the art of Aikido and Vipassana Meditation. Tim has generously donated this 28"x51" acrylic/enamel/oil 'untitled' piece to The Mother Hen Project. 

Rona Liu ~ Mother hen

Rona Liu graduated from Art Center College of  Design in 2009 with a BFA in illustration. After a short internship as a Character Artist with Disney Consumer Products, Rona started at Pixar Animation Studios as a sketch artist.  When I asked Rona if she would be willing to donate to The Mother Hen Project her reply was: "You had me at the word "hen". I'm obsessed with anything chicken-related. Even just the name." Rona has kindly donated this beautiful painting. Many Thanks.

Steve Pilcher ~ Brave

We have another donation from Steve Pilcher - a  signed, limited edition print 22/100 ~ artwork from Brave. Thank you!

Sungyeon Joh ~ Fairy

Sungyeon Joh is a children’s book writer, illustrator and animator living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also known as Sansu (which means “mountain water” in Korean). Sungyeon studied printmaking at Korea’s Hongik University and animation at the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, she is working as a lighting artist at Pixar Animation Studios. Sungyeon’s stories express her love for life and they also explore the mystery and magic of nature. Some of her influences include Paul Klee, Yuri Norstein, and Hayao Miyazaki. Sungyeon has graciously donated an exquisite print/collage piece to The Mother Hen Project. This photo does not do it justice. So beautiful. Thank you Sungyeon.

Glenn Kim ~ untitled

Art Director and concept artist Glenn Kim  has over 17 years of experience in 3D animation, illustration,  visual development and social gaming. As a staff artist at Pixar for over 14 years, Kim worked on Bug's Life, Toy Story 2 and 3, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, WALL-e, Cars2, the Presto short, and was a shading lead on the first four CarsToons series. His work has also been published in 3 of the 'Art Of. . . ' Pixar books. Since leaving Pixar, Kim has headed up the Art department at 6waved Lolapps and Art Directed at Zynga. Glenn, who graduated from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco with a BA in Illustration is donating to The Mother Hen Project for the second time with this beautiful original piece.  So thankful for your continued support Glenn.

A little video showcase . . .

. . . . of the art so far. More to come.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Zaruhi Galstyan ~ Penguins

The daughter of a tailor and 'the best cook to roam the earth' Zaruhi Galstyan was born in Armenia and moved to the US when she was 6 years old. She attended CSSSA when she was in high School and then went on to attend CalArts. in 2009, after graduating with a BFA in character animation , Galstyan was offered a position as a character design intern at Pixar and went on to work at Disney Toon Studios before returning to Pixar as a sketch artist/character designer. Zar has kindly donated this striking piece of artwork to The Mother Hen Project.

Steve Pilcher ~ Over There

Born in Brockville, Ontario, Steve Pilcher is one of the most revered and highly respected production designers at Pixar. With no formal training at art college, Pilcher  had his first solo Art show at the age of 19. At 22,  he was a full time commercial freelance artist and was already illustrating his first children’s picture book called, Norbert Nipkin, which has become a Canadian classic for kids. At the age of 40, Pilcher made the move to feature film animation at Warner Bros where he was nominated for an Annie Award for his production design on Osmosis Jones.  At Dreamworks, Pilcher contributed to Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third and in 2005, he continued his feature film career at Pixar, contributing to Wall-E, production designing Academy Award-winning Brave, and currently production designing Pixar's 2016 release, Finding Dory. He also contributed his illustration talents to the one-sheet poster for Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant. 

In 2014,  Pixar launched a new series of picture books, all written and illustrated by the studio’s incredibly talented artists. The series made its debut with Pilcher's adorable tale about a shrew named Shredder entitled 'Over There'. Steve has graciously donated not only a beautiful & uniquely signed copy of his book, but also an original drawing of Shredder.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Intention is Powerful!

It is worth mentioning that this is a very rare opportunity to own some of these artists work. Many of them don't make work to sell on a regular basis, if at all. They either draw and paint for their own personal development or they will do specific works of art to help raise money for charities like Chicks In Crisis. I am so proud and thankful to all the artists who have graciously committed time and energy to The Mother Hen Project when I know and see them working long and hard hours in their offices and studios too. Even before any of the artwork has been auctioned or any of the money has been raised - it means a lot that these artists have come together, and donated their creative energy to support Chicks In Crisis. The intention is powerful! Thank you.